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Welcome to The HarvestWorld Church

A community of Blessed People. We are excited that you chose to worship with us, and are even more excited to acquaint you with the church.

We do hope you will enjoy our services and we trust God to give you a definite testimony to signal His touch in your life as a result of your coming.

We are a people-centred church and have thus organised all our programs and events in such a way that keeps you and your wellbeing clearly at the centre of what God is doing through us

We will like to be in touch with you and we look forward to having you in any of our services.

We welcome you to a life of Influence


Pastor Yinka Adesanya
Lead Pastor

Thanksgiving & Celebration Service

August 1, 2021 9:00 am

Join us at The Harvestworld Church- THC this Sunday for our Thanksgiving & Celebration Service as we sing songs of joy , dance and shout for the mighty miracles and amazing things the Lord has done for us.

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Join the community of Blessed People

The first step towards enjoying multiple blessings in 2021 is to belong to a community of people enjoying the blessings of God.

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