About us

About The Harvestworld Church

The Harvestworld church is an apostolic end time multi-racial, multi-ethnic ministry with a prophetic unction; teaching the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ to the end time world, to reconcile men and women to the saving grace of our lord Jesus.
Purpose Statement
Making you a person of influence, to reconcile men and women with God through the saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
- Acts 1 v 8, Matthew 4 v 19



Making you a person of influence, to reconcile the world to our Lord God
-Act 1v8, Matthew 4 v 19



Godliness - 1 Timothy 4 v 8
People Focus
Excellence - Colossians 3 v 23
Holiness - 1 Thessalonians 4 v 7 - 8


The Assignment

To build a multi-racial, multi-ethnic & multi sites church in all the nation's through which the people of the nation's will be reconciled to Christ.

Our Beliefs

We believe in One God
We believe that the bible is an infallible written word of God.
We believe in the concept of the Trinity; God the father , Jesus the Son & The Holy Spirit
We believe that the death & resurrection of Jesus is the bedrock of our Christian Faith.
We believe that Jesus is coming back to reconcile the world back to God.
We believe that Christian life should not be lived in isolation but in a community of believers.
We believe that God has a plan for the world, and that The Harvestworld Church is right in the Centre of God's plan



Whoever nurtures you determines who you become. Backed by our spiritual lineage and the sure word we received from God, we are destined to raise world influencers. Through the ministry of the word, prayer and genuine care, we develop, nurture and build you for destiny.