Scriptural Texts
Exodus 23 v 20-24
Deuteronomy 11 v 24
Joshua 1 v 3
Joshua 14 v 13-14
Exodus 34 v 23
Psalm 44 v 2 – 3
Pslam 105 v 42 – 44
2nd Samuel 7 v 10
1st Chronicles 17 v 9

The children of ISRAEL received their allotment and they were settled forever.
Today is your own day of settlement forever

Prayer Points

  1. Lord, let your Angels by divine instruction lead me into my apportioned territories in business, career and life. Establish where you have led by your power in Jesus name.
  2. Lord, let your Arm and power uproot every one occupying the territories you have given to me as inheritance in Jesus name
  3. Anyone occupying my territories in life is uprooted and displaced forever in Jesus name.
  4. Entities and principalities occupying my territory allotted by God are commanded by the name of Jesus to vacate that space with speed for me to occupy in Jesus name
  5. Lord, I possess my own allotment of landed properties by the provision of the Lord in this city ( mention locations that the Lord has shown you ) and wherever God has given to me as an inheritance in Jesus name.
  6. Lord, I ask that your Favour will speak on my behalf wherever I need to speak so that those concerned will be delighted in me in Jesus name.
  7. Lord as you establish me in my own appointed place, let me experience rapid and progressive expansion that will make it impossible for the enemy to covet my territory again in Jesus name.
  8. Lord provide a place for THC in this city where your name shall be established as a dwelling place in Jesus name.
  9. Lord , we pray that you provide a land of inheritance for THC by Favour in Jesus name.

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