Day 3 THC Prophetic Encounter Prayer & Fasting (Day 3)

Bible Texts
Isaiah 54 v 2
1st Chronicles 4 v 10 MSG
Psalm 115 v 14-15
Proverbs 10 v 22
Deuteronomy 28 v 8
Leviticus 25 v 21

Prayer Points

  1. Lord, let the power of the blessing be activated in my life in Jesus name.
  2. Lord bless me in deed and enlarge me in all dimensions in Jesus name.
  3. Lord bless all that I do with my hands henceforth in Jesus name.
  4. Lord, let the power of the blessing activated through the blood of the communion produce for me in Jesus name.
  5. Give me increase more and more, for me and my household in Jesus name.
  6. Lord, let my family and household enjoy unprecedented increase and growth in Jesus name.
  7. Lord let this enlargement bring me peace and joy in Jesus name.
  8. Lord, give THC more influence and impact in this city in Jesus name.
  9. Lord, let THC enjoy unprecedented growth and increase in all areas in Jesus name.
  10. Let the remaining days after this prophetic Encounter be Days of revelation for me in Jesus name.
  11. Praise, thanks, and glory to the name of the Lord forevermore !

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