Scriptural Texts Exodus 23 v 20-24 Saturday August 3rd

Scriptural Texts
Deuteronomy 8 v 7-10
Deuteronomy 6 v 10-11
Deuteronomy 11 v 9, 11-12
Psalm 92 v 13
Isaiah 44 v 26

Prayer Points

  1. Seasons of lack and deprivation will be far from me forever in Jesus name.
  2. I enter into a new season of more than enough where I will not finish the proceeds of an harvest before another season harvest sets in Jesus name.
  3. I enjoy the blessing of the Lord in all areas and dimensions of life in Jesus name.
  4. Lord take me to my own land that is flowing with milk and honey in Jesus name.
  5. The Lord that planted in my territory will establish and make me to flourish in the land He has given me and in all areas of my life in Jesus name.
  6. My business, career and family shall be a blessing not only to me but God’s kingdom and many others in Jesus name.
  7. The Lord has blessed me for me to be a blessing
  8. I shall enjoy many abundant blessings of the Lord and glory in this season and forever in Jesus name.
  9. THC will continue to be a blessed and good land to many more in our world in Jesus name.
  10. Give thanks and praises to God for the sure and guaranteed testimonies

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