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The purpose of the interview is to assess the intern’s knowledge and suitability for the internship program. In the academic year 2016-2017, we will start with KG to Grade 6, with the plan to expand up to 12th grade in the following years. Start a new endowed Scholarship Fund with your gift of at least $10,000. Email Nawah Scholarship Team at:; Bachelor, Master and Ph.D Program. High School Graduate in the Advanced Track with a minimum achievement of 80%. In some cases, English language requirements are also included. Please contact the school directly and request an application. It is not necessary to re-apply for a scholarship as long as the scholarship maintenance criteria (outlined in the details of each scholarship section) are met. Our dedication to education has been reflected in ADEK’s recent review of AIS as a high performing school that exceeds the expectations of the UAE. How Does a Nuclear Energy Plant Generate Electricity? In co-ordination with the higher education body, ENEC receives requests to host students for a period of between four months and one year. The Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi invites you to register for the 10th round of the 'HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Higher Education Grant for Zayed University Graduates in Abu Dhabi and Dubai', administered by Emirates Foundation. Compare between schools and decide which one meets your requirement. Scholarship recipients will be entitled to full benefits which include tuition fees for the entire undergraduate degree, health insurance, books, travel allowance, flight tickets and a monthly salary which is based on the location of study and the marital status of the applicant. The recipient of this scholarship can receive up to $300. Application Procedure: How to Apply: The mode of applying is online. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Higher Education Grant - 2019 Applications must be submitted by August 10th, 2019. Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarships . Our teachers are highly qualified, meeting and exceeding ADEK requirements. The Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs have been officially transferred to the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). For Students without the UAE SSC, the equivalent requirements as approved by the UAE Ministry of Education are applied. Kindly contact ADEK directly to find out the requirements. Search and apply for schools, request attested academic documents and track the students performance throughout the year. The program balances practical hands-on training and classroom theory, preparing Emirati high school graduates for a range of careers across the nuclear energy sector. Obtain an ADEK attested sequential study transcript. The maximum coverage period of any scholarship is four years, or upon graduation, whichever is sooner. For more information, and for registration for the HDNT: The Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs have been officially transferred to the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). Other basic requirements include: To have been accepted by one of our approved academic institutions for a course of study with an approved academic major; Be medically fit; Obtained military service release letter (if applicable) Requirements for Studying Overseas Undergraduate program: Online Application Scholarship Link Today ADNOC continues to be a leader in nurturing the next generation of UAE nationals by investing in their higher education. Applicants interested in receiving scholarship support from Nawah Energy Company should enter "Abu Dhabi Polytechnic" as their first choice for the HDNT program. At ADNOC, we believe that every student should have access to the world’s leading academic institutions to enable their intellectual and personal growth. ADEK has worked extensively with schools, parent representatives, teachers and federal policymakers to develop guidelines to ensure a safe return to school for our children. All rights reserved. Open a bank account with a local or convenient bank and provide your Scholarship Academic Advisor with the appropriate bank information to allow for the Electronic Funds Transfer directly in the student’s bank account. ENEC receives requests to host students for a period of between two and four months. Internship is for external students internship/summer trainees (referred by the college/university). Candidates must be enrolled in the program or completed graduation requirements during the academic year 2018/2019 ; Documents may be submitted in either Arabic or English. Under the SDS programme criteria, students are required to achieve a 90 per cent average in their Term 1 academic results to … Male students must also submit a UAE Military National Services certificate. Maegan E. Spindler Education Scholarship Application ADEK works with all stakeholders involved from government agencies to academia and relevant industrial sectors to build high quality and sustainable system for research and development in Abu Dhabi. ADEK's main role is to develop the education system in Abu Dhabi, and promote a culture of creativity, sustainability and excellence, with focus on developing human, social and economic capabilities. 2020 © Copyright Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation. Opportunities to attend some of the world’s finest universities and pursue studies in the engineering field. It provides an end-to-end student journey from applying for a scholarship... Students can apply their innovative thinking skills to create a variety of applications such as educational games, science, cultural apps, among others. English Proficiency: IELTS Academic band 5.5 or equivalent. Emirati pupils in Grade 12 are also eligible and encouraged to continue applying. Email Nawah Scholarship Team at:; Bachelor, Master and Ph.D Program in Nuclear . EntranceRequirements: G12 finishes: Must be a UAE nationwide Must not be older than 24 years Must rating 85% in grade 12 or comparable (the scholastic year 2017-2018) Must pass the interview and tests needed by ADEK ADEK’s Abu Dhabi Scholarships program provides an entire ecosystem for distinguished students, including enrollment, counseling, internships, employment opportunities and many more. ADEK opens registration for the Abu Dhabi Scholarships for Distinguished Students Students Scholarship Program), which offers outstanding Emirati students the kick-starts the academic year 2019/2020 with the launch of 12 new Charter ... Kindly contact ADEK directly to find out the requirements. No hand written documents will be considered. Abu Dhabi contributes to more than 60% of the GDP of the UAE. DAAD offers scholarships for graduates, scientists, and Higher Education Institutions in various fields of study and research. Abu Dhabi Scholarships is a premier destination for Abu Dhabi outstanding students. Check their websites for current details. Validate the authenticity of ADEK electronically attested documents. Commenced to be a financial support for hardworking and deserving students, the KU Scholarships continues to incentivize a … Those who are named National Merit Finalists or National Achievement Scholars may qualify without meeting the GPA requirement, but must still meet the ACT/SAT requirement. Emirati pupils in Grade 12 are also eligible and encouraged to continue applying. Get started now. Summer Training and Internship programs Students awarded a Scholarship receive the following benefits: The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, ADEK Announces covid-19 PCR Test Requirements for Students, Teachers and Staff Physically Returning to School in January 2021, ADEK Allows Optional Return to Physical School for Students with Chronic Medical Conditions, Five ICT Majors Partner with 42 Abu Dhabi, ADEK Leads Inclusive Education Initiative as Part of the Abu Dhabi Strategy for People of Determination, © 2020 Abu Dhabi Government. Use the dropdown menu or the map below to … The "Fast Track" cohort of students will not be required to go through the interview and the psychometric test stages of the application process and will be placed into the final pool of potential scholarship recipients. If you’re an experienced professional looking for a new challenge, apply here. Bank account number and routing number for salary to be wired directly into the account. Who is eligible for the scholarship? Here you find an overview of the DAAD scholarships only whereas the Scholarship database also lists funding offered by other selected organisations. From the outset, the ENEC has been committed to cultivating a vibrant relationship with our community. Adek said it was accepting applications from these candidates “for the first time ever,” when registration for its scholarship programme opens from February 18 through March 22. Applying for an ACE scholarship is done directly through the individual private school you’re considering (except in Louisiana). ENEC accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies contained in the website’s content. Summer Program and Internship The above conditions are the minimum eligibility requirements for scholarship submission and meeting these conditions does not guarantee the selection of the applicant. ADK Woods Woman Scholarship Provides one or more scholarships a year for a young woman to participate in the High School (Teen) Volunteer Trail Projects. The DAAD scholarships you can currently apply for are listed separately. Fast-Track applications for students with acceptance letters from world’s top 20 universities. Click "READ MORE" to view "Parents Guide to School Reopening", "Private School Reopening Policies and Guidelines" and answers to frequently asked questions. Requirements and availability can change yearly. Our academic curriculum and co-curriculum are structured to provide breadth, challenge and extension beyond standard British National Curriculum requirements. ENEC hosts summer trainees during their school summer break. 1Accredited by Ministry of Education (“MoE”); Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (“ADEK”) or Knowledge & Human Development Authority (“KHDA”) Postgraduate program: Minimum Cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.5 (or equivalent) in Undergraduate or Masters Program from an approved academic institution. Obtain a complete guide to education in Abu Dhabi. The Energy Pioneers Program offers talented students a scholarship for the Higher Diploma in Nuclear Technology Program. How Do Operators Control the Nuclear Reaction? All rights reserved, Phone Number should be at least 10 numbers, All you need to know about Nurseries in Abu Dhabi, All you need to know about private schools in Abu Dhabi, All you need to know about Higher Education in Abu Dhabi, General information about Charter Schools in Abu Dhabi. The scholarship pays tuition, mandatory fees, room and board up to $10,000 per year. Verify school certificates attested by ADEK, using the certificate reference number. “The students are the recipients of the prestigious Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Scholarship and will participate in academic, leadership, and cross-cultural experiences to enhance their profiles and prepare them for Graduate School. Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability. ABU DHABI, 16th November, 2020 (WAM) -- The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge, ADEK, has revealed that applications for the 2021-2022 cohort of the Abu Dhabi Scholarships for Distinguished Students Programme, SDS, have exceeded expectations, with 1,726 eligible Emirati students attending the recent virtual roadshow. By offering these scholarships, ADEK aims to facilitate high-quality education for the national workforce and to support the development efforts in the UAE. Obtain an ADEK attested report card(s) for specific academic year(s). Must pass the interview and tests required by ADEK; English Language Requirements: Must pass the IELTS exam with a minimum required score of 5.5 or equivalent. These trainees voluntary initiated a summer training request. A leader in the global energy industry for the best and brightest minds in the UAE. Khalifa University Scholarship The Khalifa University Scholarship is a general tuition support grant for students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater. We provide excellent resources, specialist subject teaching and take great care to monitor and promote academic progress. Explore a wide range of fun and interactive activities for young children starting school, to young adults about to graduate university. Scholarship can be taken in UAE; Eligibility for the Scholarship: EligibleCountries: UAE nationals are qualified to use. ADEK said It was accepting applications from these candidates for the first time ever, when registration for its scholarship programme opens from February 18 through March 22. Requirements: Be accepted by one of the approved academic institutions for a course of study with an approved academic major. In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Polytechnic, a Higher Diploma in Nuclear Technology (HDNT) program was developed to provide specialist technical training and expertise for professionals interested in helping to operate the UAE’s nuclear fleet. Student achievement was rated highly as they “make a strong start in kindergarten and leave the school in Grade 12 … Each applicant is required to register online and complete all screening examinations, interviews and required assessments to ensure eligibility. building generations of educated and knowledgeable youth, Please enter your additional comments before submitting. Open to Grade 12 candidates studying … Obtain an ADEK attested leave study certificate. The information on this page has been prepared solely to provide general information about ENEC. For applications/inquiries please contact Obtain an ADEK attested pursuing of study certificate. Gifts to existing scholarship funds can be of any size. What Does a Nuclear Energy Plant Look Like? The Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi takes serious steps to upgrade the capacity of private schools and enhance the learning process as well as facilitate investment in the private sector. Our role is to provide accurate information about nuclear energy, and our program, so that the residents of the UAE understand the important role that nuclear energy will play in the future of our nation. Through the Energy Pioneers Program, UAE Nationals have an opportunity to gain specialist expertise and practical experience to pursue a range of careers across the country’s emerging nuclear energy industry and play a part in operating the region’s first nuclear energy plant. The Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs have been officially transferred to the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK). Summer training is for external students who are interested in becoming summer trainees. Al-Elm Scholarship offers 30% discount on regular University fees To be considered for Al-Elm Scholarship, applicants should fulfill the following criteria: applicants coming from a General High School must have a high school score equivalent to 90% or above, and applicants coming from International Schools & IGSCE must have a high school score equivalent to 85% or above, for all nationalities Arabic teachers are recruited locally. ENEC hosts students as part of sharing knowledge and providing educational support through its internship and summer training programs. ADNOC Scholarship is offered to UAE nationals majoring in the following programs: Engineering majors, especially in the fields of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. ENEC’s Talent Management department conducts an initial screening of each intern's profile and CV, and the eligible candidates are contacted for an interview. We work to educate, inform and listen. Students, accepted in any of ADEK's scholarship programs, will get the required financial support and academic guidance that help them achieve the … Schools are awarded applications each spring based on our available funding. English teachers are recruited from around the world, including North America and Europe. This scholarship will sponsor at least one high school and/or college student each year to participate in one of ADK’s education programs with the intent of continuing to foster Maegan’s love for the natural world. The ADNOC Scholarship program was established in 1974. The safety and wellbeing of our students and all employees working in the education sector is a top priority for us. The Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship is the most academically rigorous scholarship program offered for those graduating seniors scoring either 32 on the ACT or 1410 on the SAT, and a 3.50 academic grade point average. Dr. Mohamed Yousif Baniyas, Executive Director of the Higher Education Sector at ADEK, said: "This year witnessed great demand from students seeking scholarships, as the Department received a large number of requests and lists with the names of applicants who fulfilled all requirements. Kindly contact ADEK directly to find out the requirements. Exceptional students who have secured admission to the world’s top 20 ranked universities accredited to ADEK will benefit from a newly introduced "Fast Track" application. Future majors related to Artificial Intelligence.

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