Day 12. Monday, January 13th
Empowered By The Spirit

Bible Texts :
Luke 2 v 49
Acts 1 v 8
Acts 2 v 4
Isaiah 44 v 3
Joel 2 v 28
Ezekiel 39 v 29

Receiving the power from heaven positions the believer to do exploits on the earth.

Prayer Points

  1. Lord I receive your promises for my life as you fill me up with power from heaven in Jesus name.
  2. Lord I receive the promise of the Holy Spirit by the father to fulfill my calling on the earth in Jesus name.
  3. Lord by the power of heaven in me I will do the impossible in Jesus name.
  4. Lord I receive power to be like Jesus on this earth in Jesus name.
  5. Lord I receive the power of the Holy Spirit to be a witness of Christ in this world in Jesus name.
  6. Lord I receive the ability through the power of the Holy Spirit to win souls into God’s kingdom in Jesus name .
  7. Lord I receive the power of the Holy Spirit to be a messenger of the Christ’s message in the world in Jesus name.
  8. Lord I receive the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill my destiny and achieve great progress this year in Jesus name.
  9. Lord let the outpouring of the holy spirt into my life attract the promise of the blessings too in Jesus name.
  10. Lord I receive power of the Holy Spirit to achieve all the goals you have placed on my heart fro 2020 in Jesus name.
  11. Lord the outpouring of the spirit upon every one attending THC manifest in breaking strongholds of the devil over the church in Jesus name

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