Day 15. Thursday January 16th

Victory In Christ

Bible Texts
1st Corinthians 15 v 57-58
2nd Corinthians 2 v 14-16
Romans 8 v 37
Hebrew 2 v 14
1st John 5 v 4
Rev 21 v 4

There is only one name that guarantees Victory over sin and death; the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points

  1. By my faith in Christ I exercise my authority and victory over sin in Jesus name.
  2. Because I’m in Christ and Christ is in my I have endless victory over the devil and his works in Jesus name.
  3. Every satanic influence of sin and their consequences are no longer my portion because I have an unbroken relationship with Jesus
  4. I have endless victory through over spiritual and natural death in Jesus name.
  5. Every agenda of hell and devil over my life and family receives the judgement of God through Christ work on the cross in Jesus name.
  6. Lord I have total victory over terminal and incurable diseases in Jesus name.
  7. Pain, Sorrow, crying, tears and their likes are no longer my portion in Jesus name.
  8. I will not experience anguish and mourning in my family this year in Jesus name.
  9. The blood of Jesus will be my covering and it will divert all satanic arrows meant for my life in Jesus name.
  10. I triumph over untimely death and I will fulfill the number of my days in Jesus name.
  11. All THC members are under the covering of the blood and they are safe from evil attack and deadly manipulations of hell in Jesus name.
  12. There shall be no weeping, crying and mourning over anybody in THC in Jesus name.
  13. Thank you father for the victory I enjoy in Christ over devil and his works !

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