THC Mid Year Prayer & Fasting Meeting [Day Two]

The Harvestworld Church (THC) midyear prayer and fasting meeting hold between Monday, July 1st and  Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019.

DAY 1 : Capacity For My Opportunities in the 2nd half of 2019

Scriptural Texts

Acts 1 v 8

1st King 4 v 29 – 30

Job 32 v 8

Isaiah 11 v 2 , 61 v 1

Matthew 3 v 16

Daniel 1 v 17 , 2 v 21


1. Lord, empower me for my opportunities in this new season in Jesus name.

2. Lord increase my spiritual capacity for the opportunities you are bringing my way in the rest of 2019 in Jesus name.

3. Lord fill me with the spirit of wisdom and understanding that I may know what to do in every situation and circumstance in Jesus name.

4. Lord on the day of my showing forth I will not be found wanting in Jesus name.

5. Lord connect me with the people that are important for my next level that my opportunities will bring in Jesus name.

6. Divinely connect me with the opportunities that are ahead of me in the 2nd half of 2019 and beyond in Jesus name

7. All the grounds and opportunities that I have lost in the 1st half, I  shall recover them all in this 2nd half in Jesus name.

8. I decree in Jesus name that everything designed for my life that has slipped away from me shall be recovered in Jesus name.

9. I step into my new season of great opportunities and glory in Jesus name