3 days of Prayer & Fasting ( Friday November 1st – Sunday November 3rd)


Day 1. Divine Speed for accomplishments of goals

Bible Texts
1st Samuel 30 v 8
Amos 9 v 13
Isaiah 41 v 3 AMPC
Psalm 18 v 37
Joel 3 v 18
Leviticus 26 v 5

Prayer Points

  1. Lord I receive divine speed to accomplish my goals in these last 2 months of 2019 in Jesus name.
  2. Lord, like you helped David to recover what belong to him; send men my way that you will be greatly use to help me in accomplishing my goals in Jesus name.
  3. Lord in places where I have faced with difficulty in achieving my goals , send me help to succeed their again in Jesus name.
  4. Let my testimony at the end of this year , be the testimony of one who has been marvelously helped by the Lord.
  5. Lord I receive spiritual blessings to turn dryness and unfruitfulness to overflowing blessings and abundance in Jesus name.
  6. Lord terminate hardship, uproot all hindrances and resistance by the power of your hand in Jesus name.
  7. Lord release unto my your glorious blessings destined for me this year that had delayed in manifestation before now in Jesus name.

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