I really want to thank God for turning my sorrow into joy. I have been traveling to the United Kingdom and other countries since I was 19 without any harassment by immigration or customs but on the 5th of Nov. 2016, I was stopped and sent back from the UK because I was going to have my white wedding celebration there even after notifying the home office. I cried and felt so embarrassed as we had paid for halls, food and invited friends from all over. I pleaded and got a lawyer but nothing changed.

I came back to my beloved Nigeria sad, downcast and ashamed of myself while also asking God some personal questions as we have a way of interacting. I called Pastor Yinka who of course, has been my Pastor for the past 4 years right from our former church. He encouraged and prayed with me. When we started THC everyday prayers at Ogudu-Lagos, I made sure I attended and tapped on the flowing grace.

My husband and I decided to apply for spouse visa instead of visitor's visa which I previously had and canceled. Under serious stress, I submitted my application on the 3rd of February and waited for a response which took 12 weeks and two days as against the normal 3 - 8 weeks; during that time, I took the holy communion, made spiritual declarations and held on to God's promises; 

In short, after Pastor Nike's faith message, I started exporting my luggage to the UK as we have a house there. Last week Friday, I got an email that my documents were ready for collection. I informed Pastor Yinka on Sunday and he prayed with me. On Monday morning, I picked up my approved documents. Now I can not only visit but can live and work in the UK.

All glory to God most high. THANK YOU JESUS.

Mrs R.A


Exactly 3 months ago, I made commitment to double my tithe to The Harvestworld Church (THC). In spite of the debt I was paying back to my company cooperative, which was removed from source, I stuck to the 20% tithe of my monthly income. 

In the first month, I got a mail through LinkedIn from a Head Hunter in South Africa asking me if I was interested in a job for a company based in sweden, with Africa Office in South Africa. 

To cut the long story short, God helped me to continue my 20% tithe as I go through the interview and criminal record processes as requested by the company.

To God be the glory, I got the offer as the Sales Manager for West Africa, and which translate to around 80% in my current salary and a global opportunity.

I thereby attest that THC is a fertile ground. it is GOSHEN indeed. It is a place where everyone has an inheritance. Like Pastor Yinka once said, Grace has come to rest in THC. The Breakthrough that we are looking for elsewhere is here. God is here to settle everyone, as we throw ourselves and our finances into the great work He is doing in THC.



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